It's been known that moonlight provides one with sensational feelings of oneness with the universe in a cool, calm, relaxed manner that only a Moonlight by Magic lamp can provide.  Whenever you need it, whenever you want it, it's yours to share with yourself and loved ones. Whether it's a dark, gray fall day or in the midst of the hour that dawn hits or at the crack of midnight, it's there for you.


Regardless of the seasons, whether its just when the leaves begin changing color, reds and yellows are flourishing as the cool temperature starts to drop, or its on a cold winter day where you're bundled up in your home looking for warmth, turn to a Magic by Moonlight lamp to take in everything around you and everything that is, that only a Magic by Moonlight lamp can provide for you consistently.


We guarantee our quality will be above and beyond your expectations of what you want and will fall in love with your own handcrafted Moonlight by Magic lamp.  For whatever reason it does not exceed your expectations and standards, contact us for a full refund. That's how confident and sincere we are that you'll love your Moonlight by Magic lamp.

Moonlight Lamp By Magic LED 2 Color, 15 CM Lamp

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